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George Taylor Exhibition Talk"Ido not make images according to any historical definition, convention or rule. If there is a rule it is that there are none, except that of necessity there has to be a beginning, a distinct element of risk and a time when the event reaches a point of 'optimum coherence', beyond which to continue is likely to be counter productive.

The event is holistically engaging, an exhilarating and dangerous 'mystery trip', not knowing the destination at the outset but recognising it upon arrival.

The result is an entity of itself and thus not 'justified' by deliberate or conscious reference to the perceived world."

© George Taylor

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Kalahani Shi A Wanderer's Song Elegy 1 Indira
Kalahani Shi Collage 3 Elegy 1 Indira
63cms x 46cms 62cms x 45cms 48cms x 64cms 67cms x 48cms 62cms x 45cms
Girisha For Catalonia Unspoken Air Poem Guadarrama
Girisha For Catalunia Unspoken Earth Breath Guadarrama
62cms x 45cms 67cms x 48cms 62cms x 45cms 67cms x 48cms 67cms x 48cms
Unheard Aditya A Cross in Flanders Gaia Wild Spirit
Collage 11 Aditya A Cross in Flanders Gaia Collage 15
67cms x 48cms 67cms x 48cms 67cms x 48cms 62cms x 42cms 67cms x 48cms
Above and Below Celeano Phoenicis Zero Minus War Elegy
Collage 16 Celeano Phoenicis Zero Minus, collage by George Taylor War Elegy, collage by George Taylor
62cms x 45cms 67cms x 48cms 67cms x 48cms 67cms x 67cms 67cms x 50cms

"In his work, George attempts to organise aggregated glimpses and fragments of form, the juxtaposition of vaguely referential, symbolic, abstracted and ambiguous marks being pivotal.

The product of this approach becomes a self-contained entity having a concrete existence in the natural world, but not defined by it or dependent upon an illusory construct of it, but possibly having oblique or allusive references to it.

He strives to construct a compositionally coherent, essentially self-referential image that resists absolute definition or rigidly literal interpretation, free from the prop of the visually perceived world ’out there’ or of the deceit of the figurative."

© George Taylor

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