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Sculptures and Assemblages

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"Although all my work is essentially mixed media, in my paintings and collages, I attempt to organise aggregated glimpses of experience on a two dimensional plane, the juxtaposition of vaguely referential, symbolic, abstracted and nebulous marks, free from the limitations of a physical context, being pivotal; creating an ambiguous, but hopefully, visually coherent image that resists definition or interpretation.

©George Taylor

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Monitor, 2017. Treated metal. Approx. 40cms x 40cms x 60cms.
Every Home Should Have One, 2010. 45cms x 30cms x 15cms.
Every Home Should have One Every Home Should Have One Every Home Should have One
Strange Fruit, 2010. 45cms x 30cms x 28cms.
Strange Fruit Strange Fruit Strange Fruit
L'origine du Monde, 2010. 11cms x 37cms.
L'origine du Monde L'origine du Monde L'origine du Monde  

"In my constructions and assemblages, I strive to achieve a similar outcome via a juxtaposition of seemingly incongruous, three dimensional elements."

©George Taylor


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