George Taylor

Gallery 7

Large Mixed Media Works on Canvas and on Rigid Board.

George Taylor profile imagePatricia Preece writing in the Leamington Studio Artists, Autumn/Winter 2010 edition of 'Artspace' journal, on the LSA Summer Show 2010.

"Here, as always, George explores what is felt rather than what is seen - he is not concerned with the surface of things. His art tries to take his sensed world and commit it to canvas so that it can be communicated to the viewer as a feeling.
His exhibited work, Indiana, is a vivid splash of yellow populated with symbols that hint at meaning. It is common in George's work to see the abstraction played out within the context of a physical landscape but, what is interesting here is that there is little evidence of any physical context.
Wonderfully, he has created an abstract work with few clues to interfere with the sense that the painting should be felt rather than interpreted and understood. Seen in that context, I believe that this is an incredibly successful piece that has the power to excite."

© Patricia Preece

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Chios Kythira Aavaraak Skaggarrak Aakaash
Chios by George Taylor Kythira by George Taylor The Ambassadors right Skaggarrak The Ambassadors left
75cms x 65cms. 75cms x 65cms. 80cms x 80cms. 80cms x 80cms. 80cms x 80cms.
Kaarikaah Spacetime The Deep Boudicca's Territory Voyager
Kaarikaah Spacetime, painting by George Taylor The Deep Bouddica's Territory Voyager
80cms x 80cms. 115cms x 115cms. 115cms x 115cms. 115cms x 115cms. 115cms x 115cms.
Ancient Land Indiana Firebird Quantum Poem North Atlantic Odyssey
Ancient Lands Indiana Firebird Quantum Poem North Atlantic Odyssey
115cms x 115cms. 115cms x 115cms. 115cms x 115cms. 115cms x 115cms. 71cms x 127cms.
Sea Song        
Sea Song        
83cms x 127cms.        

"For me, the most exciting and successful art reflects and explores the mystery of this experience we call life and all its complexities and apparent paradoxes at manifold levels and not necessarily only at the level of attempting to 'reproduce' the external perceived world, interpreted via the eyes, hands and brain of a single human being, whose perceived view is necessarily subjective.

The mechanism whereby we convert external stimuli through our senses to in effect 'create' our individual, personal consciousness, is mysterious of itself and it seems to me that when we involve the further mystery of human emotion in the equation and a degree of applied, creative intelligence, we have the basic ingredients for making unique forms of art that have the potential to connect with the mysterious, rather than striving to make merely an illusionary reproduction of an image as perceived.

I have dedicated fifty years of my life to exploring the potential that painting has to express 'emotion' in ways that are vital and dynamic, but also reflect something of the mystery and the 'magic' of living. My work is concerned with the internal terrain of personal and collective consciousness and is informed by the aggregate of a lifetimes experiences rather than being a direct response to external phenomena."

© George Taylor

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All artwork measurements are inclusive of frame.

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