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Elemental Series, Mixed Media Works on Deep Canvas and the Penwith Suite

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"Throughout my career I have endeavoured to create images that convey maximum visual impact with minimum means, essentially within a non-figurative ethos. The word elemental has a variety of connotations, it can mean simple, uncompounded, pertaining to rudiments or to first principles, even primitive or basic. In painting terms, this could be construed as a kind of minimalism, an approach that strives not to be complicated, that perhaps, excludes extraneous or irrelevant content. Elemental pertains also to forces and phenomena of physical nature, and to the four natural elements, earth, water, air and fire, or to any of these.

In this series I have used paint and a variety of other media, primarily handmade paper to create abstract, or perhaps, more accurately, abstracted images of natural phenomena, not based on specific identifiable locations, but on feelings and recollections of lived experience, but broadly analogous with the sea and the coast. For this reason, the works are not titled individually, but are simply numbered within the series for purposes of reference."© George Taylor

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Elemental Series

Elemental 1 Elemental 2 Elemental 3 Elemental 4 Elemental 5
Elemental 1 by George Taylor Elemental 2 by George Taylor Elemental 3 by George Taylor Elemental 4 by George Taylor Elemental 5 by George Taylor
64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms.
Elemental 6 Elemental 7 Elemental 8 Elemental 9 Elemental 10
Elemental 6 by George Taylor Elemental 7 by George Taylor Elemental 8 by George Taylor Elemental 9 by George Taylor Elemental 10 by George Taylor
64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms.
Elemental 11 Elemental 12 Elemental 13 Elemental 14 Elemental 15
Elemental 11 by George Taylor Elemental 12 by George Taylor Elemental 13 by George Taylor Elemental 14 by George Taylor Elemental 15 by George Taylor
64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms
Elemental 16 Elemental 17 Elemental 18 Elemental 19 Elemental 20
Elemental 16 by George Taylor Elemental 17 by George Taylor Elemental 18 by George Taylor Elemental 19 by George Taylor Elemental 20 by George Taylor
64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms. 64cms x 64cms.

Elemental Series

"Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions….

All colours bring forth specific associative ideas, tangible or psychological, while blue suggests at most, the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual nature what is most abstract."

Yves Klein.

Penwith Suite

Wheal Country Zawn Coast Small Penwith 1 Small Penwith 2  
Wheal Country by George Taylor Zawn Coast by George Taylor mall Penwith 1 by George Taylor Small Penwith 2 by George Taylor  
    36cms x 30cms, 2018
In a clear acrylic box
Mixed media Mixed media Mixed media on canvas Mixed media on canvas  

Penwith Suite

"The Penwith Suite is closely allied to my Elemental Series, but having it’s roots more firmly grounded in the unique landscape of West Penwith in Cornwall, both inland and coastal.

This is a landscape I have visited since the very early 1960’s and, to which I am perennially attracted. The landscape of that son of Cornwall, Peter Lanyon, and by extension that of Terry Frost, who whilst not of Cornish descent, was introduced to, and immersed in it’s treasures by Lanyon and who, in turn, became captivated by it, along with so many others; whom, whilst not native to Cornwall, have become associated with that group of modern painters whose names have become synonymous with St Ives and Newlyn."

© George Taylor, March 2018

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