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"From an early age, I was inexorably drawn to what is generally and inadequately, often popularly referred to as the ‘non-figurative’ or ‘abstract’ and felt distinctly uncomfortable with the established, academic approach to art education, promulgated in many schools of art until the mid-sixties. Having said this though, it seems to me that the practice of thorough observation, as practiced in the discipline of drawing is never wasted and this I do not regret. As life is manifestly, innately mysterious and enigmatic, it seemed to me also, that the truest and most valid route to artistic expression was not through the two organs of sight, essential as they are, to the act of making; but through the ‘eye of the mind’; a method of expression based on recollection, memory, experience and of course, the sub-conscious; a sort of internal processing of external experience. The product of this experiential approach becomes an autonomous entity, having a concrete existence in the material world, but not defined by it or dependent upon an illusive construct of it; but perhaps, having oblique and allusive references to it. In effect, I attempt to organise aggregated glimpses of experience in a holistic and coherent manner on a two dimensional plane; the juxtaposition of concrete and nebulous marks being pivotal in my work." © George Taylor

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1961 1963      
Equinox Nearing      
76cms x 81cms. NFS 71.50cms x 82cms. NFS      
Small minimalist acrylic/collages from the period 1970 to 1995.
small collage by George Taylor small minimalist collage by George Taylor
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All artwork measurements are inclusive of frame.

"In 1961, close to the beginning of my third year at art school I began to make non-figurative paintings on a completely extra curriculum basis, free from any tutorial influence or indeed, approval.
Only a couple of these remain and ‘Equinox’ was my first painting in oils in the ‘abstract idiom’, the only other extant example from this period, also in oils, is ‘Nearing’.

A little later, I also made a number of large black and white abstracts being much influenced by the American Abstract Expressionist painters Franz Kline and Robert Motherwell; whilst some of these were exhibited in the early ‘sixties, all were lost in various studio relocations."

© George Taylor

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