George Taylor

RBSA Exhibition

RBSA Exhibition

 Spaces of Invention and Places of Imagination

1st July to 13th July 2013 Royal Birmingham Society of Artists exhibition, 4 Brook Street, St. Paul's, Birmingham, B3 1SA. Website:
George Taylor extends the tradition of pure painting from his own conviction, belief and affinity with the inner mood expressed in the work of past artists and the potential for an emotional response in the contemporary viewer. It is within the relationship between the immaterial nature of the artist’s sensed emotional and the material quality of the constructed image that his paintings extend a contemporary visual language offering the viewer an intense expression. If it is thought which has informed the process of making it is feeling and emotion that have provided the content and meaning of paintings, which share an affinity with Pollock’s dictum of, ‘work in progress which remains in progress’. George takes each work towards a resolution expressed within the terms of his own developing conception of ‘optimum coherence’. The experience of viewing these paintings provides those hints and glimpses of space experienced in the natural world evolved through mark and gesture into evocations of experiences, which have been absorbed, selected and filtered through the artists sensibility and memory within the constant process of working and re-working, resulting in images, which are in essence, landscapes of the mind, spaces of invention and places of imagination. Source: extract from ‘A Coherent Optimist’ a painter’s response to the work of George Taylor. Bob Edgson 2007.



Over the Stone Rushes the Wind Dark Travelling Sky When only the Moon Rages Song for all Seas Flame of Evening
Land of the Living Wind Hearing the Far Crow Land of Fire and Ice Of Wingbones and Talons Quantum Moment
The Stones Cry Out under the Horizon Clawtrack the Wind The Listening Winds received this Song Under the Low Hills The Air's Bouyancy and the Sun's Ray
The Air Wants for Nothing In the Dusky Path of a Dream Ancient Sands of Egypt What Strange Things are These What is that Sound High in the Air
Beneath the Dark Mountain Between the Weather and the Rock In the Zennor Wind Idiot Wind Thrown upon the Wind
Reaching for Andromeda The Air Wants for Nothing The Wind Grabs the Whisper


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